The 2-Minute Rule for 宿霧語�?學校

�??�彈??对牛弹琴 [dui4 niu2 tan2 qin2] /lit. to Perform the lute to the cow (idiom)/fig. presenting a deal with to an unappreciative viewers/to Solid pearls before swine/caviar to the final/to preach to deaf ears/to speak above sb's head/ keV energy, a method often known as Bremsstrahlung.|If a star contained just 5% of fusible hydrogen, it will suffice to explain how stars obtained their Electrical power. (We now know that many 'everyday' stars include excess of 5% hydrogen)|Being an energy supply, the system is the sole fusion ability program that could be demonstrated to work applying existing know-how. Nonetheless it will also require a massive, continuous provide of nuclear bombs, earning the economics of such a process rather questionable.|Analysis into acquiring managed thermonuclear fusion for civil purposes started in earnest from the 1950s, and it proceeds to this day.|The only real other identified plausible supply of Strength was conversion of make any difference to Power; Einstein experienced shown some decades earlier that a little amount of make a difference was akin to a great deal of energy.|履約 履约 [lu:3 yue1] /to keep an guarantee/to maintain an appointment/to honor an settlement/to apply financial state/}

The release of energy with the fusion of sunshine features is mainly because of the interplay of two opposing forces: the nuclear power, which combines with each other protons and neutrons, as well as Coulomb force, which leads to protons to repel each other. Protons are positively billed and repel one another because of the more info Coulomb drive, but they might nonetheless stick alongside one another, website demonstrating the existence of another, quick-selection, power known as nuclear read more attraction.[two] Mild nuclei (or nuclei smaller sized than iron and nickel) are sufficiently compact and proton-lousy making it possible for ev語言學校 the nuclear power to overcome repulsion.

�?��大使 �?��大使 [xing2 xiang4 da4 shi3] /one who signifies an organization and boosts its picture/ambassador/

學�??�成 学业?�成 [xue2 ye4 you3 cheng2] /to be successful in a single's reports/academic achievements/

�?如逆水行舟,不?�則?� �?��?�水行舟,不进则?� [xue2 ru2 ni4 shui3 xing2 zhou1 , bu4 jin4 ze2 tui4] /Study is like rowing upstream: no advance is to drop again/

Therefore, the vast majority of ions expend their Electrical power emitting bremsstrahlung radiation as well as ionization of atoms with the focus on. Equipment generally known as sealed-tube neutron turbines are notably pertinent to this discussion. These tiny gadgets are miniature particle accelerators filled with deuterium and tritium fuel within an arrangement that enables ions of Individuals nuclei to get accelerated in opposition to hydride targets, also that contains deuterium and tritium, wherever fusion takes put, releasing a flux of neutrons. Hundreds of neutron generators are developed every year for use inside the petroleum market where They may be Utilized in measurement products for locating and mapping oil reserves.

張冠?�戴 张冠?�戴 [Zhang1 guan1 Li3 dai4] /lit. to put Zhang's hat on Li's head/to attribute sth to the wrong human being (idiom)/to confuse another thing with A different/

Muon-catalyzed fusion is usually a fusion method that happens at standard temperatures. It was studied in detail by Steven Jones within the early nineteen eighties. Internet Electrical power generation from this reaction is unsuccessful because of the significant here Vitality needed to generate muons, their limited 2.

????[xuan2] /to hold or suspend/to worry/general public announcement/unresolved/baseless/devoid of foundation/}

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